About John Hancock

For more than 150 years, John Hancock has been revered as a well-established financial services leader. Our key focus is on providing financial solutions at every stage of our customers’ lives. To do this, an understanding of how the world is evolving is key.

We’re living in a world filled with ground-breaking firsts and telling trends. Change has become the theme of the last few decades. And with our long history, change is something we’re always ready for.

Family, education, work, health and wealth—all of these categories are being redefined. As a result, our customers are living differently. They’ve got new needs that require innovative approaches that can keep up with these changes.

And thus, we’re bringing a different approach to our suite of financial services to help our customers keep pace with our evolving world. We’re reinventing life insurance by partnering with Vitality to reward policy-holders for living healthy today, providing a better way to invest with our Manager of Managers model, and we’re finding new ways to put participants first on their way to retirement. With the goal of always putting our customers first, our history of innovation helps propel us forward in fulfilling our customers’ needs.

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